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October 2006
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What Makes Entrepreneurs Tick?
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In this week’s E-Bridge, the newsletter of Career Masters Institute (www.cminstitute.com), members were provided with results of a fascinating survey by Northeastern University’s School of Technological Entrepreneurship of 200+ U.S.-based entrepreneurs. The majority (62%) of entrepreneurs surveyed state their number one motivator in beginning their own businesses was innate drive. Here are some other interesting stats:

• One percent identified “higher education” as the primary motivator for starting a business

• Other motivators given were work experience and the success of entrepreneurial peers within the industry

The survey also provides a profile of the characteristics common to today’s entrepreneurs:

• Most claimed they do not have a family member who is an entrepreneur

• 37% identify family members as the biggest inspiration in their lives

• Many launched their first venture in childhood, through a lemonade stand or paper route (sound familiar?)

• 88% of today’s entrepreneurs consider themselves to be risk takers

• 44% of entrepreneurs claim they are somewhat cautious when faced with major decisions

Source: Business Examiner Daily, Puget Sound , WA - October 20, 2006 … as compiled by Kathy Bitschenauer of New Pathways Career Coaching for Career Masters Institute.

- Jan Melnik, MRW, CCM, CPRW, President, Absolute Advantage … Don’t forget to check out http://careerhub.typepad.com for the best in career search advice from the career industry’s top experts and http://careers.beyond.com for valuable career management expertise

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Nike Has It Right
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Have you ever stopped to really think about Nike’s simple yet compelling slogan? Just do it. Three words. Eight characters. You can’t get much more basic than this. But, wow, the weight it carries! Whichever ad agency coined that should have bargained for residuals.

Lately I’ve observed more than a few folks not quite ready to take the plunge–the plunge into active, purposeful job search. Oh, they are ready. Very ready. They’ve done their due diligence, perfected their resumes, honed interview skills, and prepared a number of key documents designed to accelerate their searches. Many have committed–at least on paper–to a strategy for their search. There’s a plan in place. There’s even the will, the desire.

What’s missing? The execution. The drive to carry out all the steps that have been committed to and planned. I sometimes think it’s fear of success (not failure) that contributes to this inactivity. ("What if I get an offer? How do I negotiate? What if they want me to start next week? I don’t know if I’m ready to go back quite yet …")

All important concerns, of course, but not one is insurmountable. Don’t let fear of success prevent you from getting fully into the game. Just do it.

– Jan Melnik, MRW, CCM, CPRW, President, Absolute Advantage … Don’t forget to check out http://careerhub.typepad.com for the best in career search advice from the career industry’s top experts and http://careers.beyond.com for valuable career management expertise

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