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June 2022
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What Makes Entrepreneurs Tick?
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In this week’s E-Bridge, the newsletter of Career Masters Institute (www.cminstitute.com), members were provided with results of a fascinating survey by Northeastern University’s School of Technological Entrepreneurship of 200+ U.S.-based entrepreneurs. The majority (62%) of entrepreneurs surveyed state their number one motivator in beginning their own businesses was innate drive. Here are some other interesting stats:

• One percent identified “higher education” as the primary motivator for starting a business

• Other motivators given were work experience and the success of entrepreneurial peers within the industry

The survey also provides a profile of the characteristics common to today’s entrepreneurs:

• Most claimed they do not have a family member who is an entrepreneur

• 37% identify family members as the biggest inspiration in their lives

• Many launched their first venture in childhood, through a lemonade stand or paper route (sound familiar?)

• 88% of today’s entrepreneurs consider themselves to be risk takers

• 44% of entrepreneurs claim they are somewhat cautious when faced with major decisions

Source: Business Examiner Daily, Puget Sound , WA - October 20, 2006 … as compiled by Kathy Bitschenauer of New Pathways Career Coaching for Career Masters Institute.

- Jan Melnik, MRW, CCM, CPRW, President, Absolute Advantage … Don’t forget to check out http://careerhub.typepad.com for the best in career search advice from the career industry’s top experts and http://careers.beyond.com for valuable career management expertise

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  1. Jason Alba Says:
    I’ve been to a couple of presentations by Will West, who has raised almost $300M for startups, and he sums it up by saying that entrepreneurs have some kind of disease, and they like pain :) It is a different world working for yourself, taking the risks, and being motivated by “the drive”… but it sure is fun!!

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