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May 2024
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The Executive Rules!
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… "A Complete Guide to Landing an Executive Job"

So says author Thad Greer (Young Author Publications, 2008) in the title of his new book. The content promises to deliver such strategies as: Learn the specific rules you must follow if you want to land a great job in today’s hyper-competitive job market, how to market your capabilities and potential contributions to the appropriate employers, and why your resume could be holding back your chances of landing a great job (something I have just a bit of expertise in ;)).

Seven key career questions are framed - with excellent prompts to foster self-reflection and career prep:

1) What do you really want?
2) What direction is your career headed?
3) What is your personality type?
4) What do you bring to the table?
5) What are your environmental preferences?
6) What are you willing to risk?

and, my favorite:

7) What are you waiting for?!

In addition to chapters on using job boards, working with headhunters, and utilizing such social networks as MySpace and LinkedIn, Thad thoroughly discusses the steps to ‘nailing an interview’ (sneak preview: preparation breeds … casual professionalism … and establish expectations/build an action plan). Thad, a managing partner wth Executive Management Search, Inc., works with companies and organizations in need of qualified C-level candidates. He works as both an executive recruiter as well as a career coach (the latter of which defines one of the roles I play in working with clients). More info about Thad can be found at www.ThadGreer.com.

I highly recommend this insightful look into job search, particularly for folks at the senior level. The insights provided by a true insider are bound to be helpful to the job-seeking or career-changing executive or career-tracking C-suite-bound professional.

– Jan Melnik, MRW, CCM, CPRW, President, Absolute Advantage

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