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March 2024
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It’s Lonely at the Top: New Career Management Resource for C-level Executives
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C-suite executives can often feel alone and ill-equipped
when it comes to managing their careers. As a Chief X Officer, who can they
trust? Who can help guide them through the myriad challenges in managing
high-profile career transitions? Who can assist them in leveraging the
intricacies of social media while effectively managing digital identities? Who
can help them build the right game plans for managing the next chapter of their
careers? C-level executives no longer need to go it alone: They can turn to the
experts at C-Suite Career Catalysts for support in handling all facets of
career management, job search, and positioning.


Combining the executive-coaching talents of five
industry-leading professionals, C-Suite Career Catalysts is a portal for
C-level and rising senior-level executives across all industry sectors (from
CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs to COOs, CMOs/CSOs, and CXOs). Executives will gain access
to expertise unique to their world from a professional who understands their
situation, knows the challenges they face, and who will work individually with
them to build a plan so that they are
fully in control.
From crafting customized documents for executives
(resumes, bios, LinkedIn profiles, one-page executive summaries, cover letters,
addenda) to strategizing game plans, facilitating recruiter contacts, and
providing executive coaching, the C-Suite Career Catalysts deliver the optimal
solutions a C-level executive must have to catapult to the top of their game.


The brainchild of CEO coach Deb Dib, the C-Suite site coalesces
the talents of Dib and four other C-suite experts: Kim Batson (CIO coach),
Cindy Kraft (CFO coach), Beverly Harvey (COO coach), and Jan Melnik (CMO
coach). Each coach also works with CXOs. C-level and rising executives are
invited to contact the coach in their specific area of expertise to discuss
confidentially their unique situation and explore appropriate career management


These C-suite experts agree that “C-level executives must be
ready the next time a valued contact presents an interesting opportunity or
they are contacted by a headhunter or a board of directors about a high-stakes
interview.” They add that executives must feel confident that their career
documents, database of contacts, and digital identity are all in order if their
current engagement were to suddenly cease or if their position were eliminated.
“Better yet, savvy executives proactively plan for the next move in their
career. If they’re not preparing today, they’ll be scrambling tomorrow… and
that’s not their style.”


The C-Suite Career Catalysts are committed to creating value
and building client loyalty that extends well past the first service
engagement. They strive to create long-term partnerships with their clients.
Their mission is to support, empower, and celebrate each client’s unique
success story. They can be contacted individually through www.C-SuiteCareerCatalysts.com.

– Jan Melnik, M.A., MRW, CCM, CPRW, President, Absolute Advantage

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